How it Feels to Be a Woman

I wrote the below yesterday when I woke up early. I should hold on to it and edit it, make it more polite, less blunt, throw in a metaphor. But I’m tired of that, so you’re getting the raw stuff.

(I’ll turn off comments if I have to — I’ve got no need to feel worse about the world right now. When I posted on Facebook, people I knew were so kind that I decided to post more openly. Let’s see how this goes.)

how it feels to be a woman

i’m a privileged white female, and it still feels shitty

i’m classic
spent my whole life focusing on other people
working hard for them
making them look better

i’m a hard worker
a mother
a writer
any of them would be enough
but I want to do all 3
need to do all 3

and in return my rights are disappearing
bit by bit

my options are less because I care about people
I’m not hard enough, mean enough

i want to be less frustrated, less annoyed, less angry
but that would mean closing my eyes
and I can’t do that anymore

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