Book News!

In my journey to market my book, I’ve ended up with two subscriber lists: the one for this blog, and a separate one for my book. It’s silly, but it’s pretty easy for me to paste some quick updates here which I should do anyway. So here’s the latest and greatest!

The Official Launch

It’s hard to believe it’s almost fall and while none of us have any idea what may be in store, I’m excited to announce the Adventures of Women in Tech launch date for October 5th, 2020. We will have an ebook, audiobook, and the ability to preorder a hardcopy.

A New Shiny Cover!

After much ado (and rejecting many images of women climbing things!), I’m really excited about where the team and I ended up with a design that is truly reflective of the book content and brand. Do you feel like you’re entering a secret door on your adventure? Let me know your thoughts!

Adventures in Tech book cover
Design Credit: Luke Bird

More News to Come

I’m lining up my fall speaking schedule and virtual book tour now. If you’re interested in collaborating and/or having me speak at your company or event, please reach out.

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