20+ years as Tech leader

Alana Karen is an award-winning tech leader, author, and speaker whose work impacts many of our everyday lives. From Google Search to Ads, Fiber to Google Grants and beyond, Alana has been leading the charge to develop, scale, build and drive team and product development that has seen rippling industry impact.

Alana has spoken at conferences and summits on technology, leadership, DEI, talent and innovation. Alana’s book, “Adventures of Women in Tech” (coming in 2020) aggregates hundreds of stories on these topics.

Speaking & Events

Women Impact Tech, March 5th

Women Impact Tech, San Francisco, March 5th. Keynote Speaker: The Power of the Example (video).

HRD Summit US, Boston, DELAYED. Co-presenter: Restructuring Your Talent Strategy Around Your People: Facilitating Internal Mobility.

Women of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara, DELAYED. Moderated conversation with Peipei Yu.

Women Transforming Technology (WT2), Palo Alto, May 5th, Host of a Pecha Kucha on Emerging Leadership.

Upcoming Book – September 2020

Women Helping Another Women up the Ladder

Titled, “Adventures of Women in Tech”, Alana’s book takes a close look at the lives of women forging their careers in Tech. What do their paths look like and how are they navigating the ongoing stressors of an environment where they are in the minority? Do women feel like they are thriving, or just surviving? Are they satisfied, or are they tempted to give up?

Recent Posts

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Not a Date

A snippet from my upcoming book about Women in Tech And so I found myself outside of Boston on my first work trip when I was 22. I was working at a now defunct start-up, and I was the account manager for a flower company using our website technology. I arrived earlier than a colleague, … Continue reading Not a Date